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1. Free Narges Now!

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Target: Government of Iran

Join scores of prominent writers, artists, and civil society organizations, as well as hundreds of free speech and human rights advocates from around the globe, in demanding that the Iranian government allow Narges Mohammadi to travel to Oslo for the Nobel Prize award ceremony on December 10. Narges has dedicated her life to the struggle for freedom and women's rights in Iran at a cost to her personal health and well-being and must be allowed to attend the Nobel ceremony, where she would also be reunited with her family following an 8-year separation.

Free Melissa Lucio


Help Afghan Women

In light of the rapidly unfolding situation of the Taliban takeover in August 2021 in Afghanistan, RAWA is working with internally displaced refugees fleeing Taliban-controlled areas. Donations are being used for food, water, shelter, transportation, blankets, medicine, hygiene products and baby products.

Solidarity with Ukrainian Women

We cannot let the Syria scenario continue in Ukraine. Given the direct connection which Putin himself has drawn between his invasion of Ukraine and his support of rape and misogyny, it is incumbent upon global feminist activists who are opposed to gender violence to stand up and speak out against this invasion.

Statement by Ukrainian Feminists in Solidarity with Iranian Women

For eight months now, Ukrainian men and women have been resisting Putin’s imperialist aggression. Iranians continue to struggle against their own dictatorial, ultraconservative regime and elite-profiting economy. Freedom for Iran! Freedom for Ukraine! All together we will win!